Strategic Plans

2018–2023 Strategic Planning Framework

As at September 25, 2017

In May 2016, the Magazines Canada Board initiated an internal review and consultation to assess its membership policies and scope, and to initiate work on a new Strategic Plan. This current document is informed by that process and presents the association’s strategic priorities for the coming years, and its response to the evolving needs and shifting business context of its members and key stakeholders.

This current five-year Strategic Plan will span Magazines Canada’s 50th anniversary, and continue the association’s tradition of advocating and serving the Canadian magazine industry that goes back over 100 years, to the original founding of the Canadian Business Press in 1920.

Download the strategic planning framework.


2014–2017 Strategic Planning Framework

Magazines Canada’s Board of Directors completed a process of review and revision of the association’s key objectives and strategies. The process started in August 2013, culminating in the development of this planning framework. The framework was used to build business plans beginning with the fiscal year 2014. The directors used member surveys, participation data, consultative committee contributions and program/project evaluations to determine how the association has been performing and where it should invest its capacity for the next several years. Download the strategic planning framework.

2012–2015 Strategic Planning Framework

Magazines Canada’s Board of Directors initiated a strategic review process in January 2011 that, over the subsequent eight months, engaged the association’s fully integrated committee system and members in conversations about how Canada’s magazine media can be better served in a challenging and evolving economic and political environment. Download the strategic planning framework.