For Retailers

Interested in selling Canadian magazines at your shop? Give us a call—setting up an account is a breeze and there’s very little financial commitment. How do you know if Canadian magazines will sell at your store if you don’t give us a try?

Bookstores, magazine stores, variety stores, gallery shops, art supply stores, cafes and specialty shops are among the retailers currently being supplied by Magazines Canada Distribution.

We have almost 200 magazines to choose from and we offer the best discount in the business. Like the other distributors, all our magazines are returnable for full credit but unlike all the other distributors we offer friendly, knowledgeable and dependable customer service.

Each year we produce an updated Retailer Catalogue that lists and describes all of our titles, and on a quarterly basis we send out a Retailer Newsletter with relevant news, tips and advice with spotlights on new titles we have to offer.

Over the years hundreds of stores have helped us to run the Newsstand Marketing Project, the Genuine Canadian Magazine program and various other promotions for our magazines—and been paid cash to do it!

Make your store a Genuine Canadian Magazine Retailer today: email or call Chris Chambers, Retail Accounts Manager at cchambers@magazinescanada.ca or 416.994.6471 / 1.877.238.8354 x233.