Recommender Grants for Writers Program

Nov 24, 2023

Recommender Grants for Writers Program

Grants for Publishing Organizations and Literary Artists

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) supports the work of artists and arts organizations. The following upcoming program deadlines offer support to publishing organizations and literary creators:

Recommender Grants for Writers: This program runs from September 1, 2023, to January 12, 2024.

For more information, visit OAC’s website or call 416-961-1660 (toll-free in Ontario: 1-800-387-0058).

Reset. Renew. Revitalize. A Strategic Plan for the Ontario Arts Council 2022–2027.

New to OAC? The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) provides grants to Ontario-based individual artists and arts professionals, ad hoc groups, collectives and organizations. Grants support a range of arts activities and disciplines.

Learn the basics of applying for an Ontario Arts Council grant!

This webinar provides an overview of:

  • what the Ontario Arts Council does
  • the types of granting programs offered
  • how to apply for grants
  • how applications are assessed

Step-by-step guide – HERE

The OAC offers two types of grant programs: 

  • Project grants – one-time grants for specific projects, available to individual artists, ad hoc groups, collectives and organizations
  • Operating grants – ongoing support for Ontario-based, not-for-profit arts organizations and for-profit book and magazine publishers

OAC strengthens recognition policy for grant recipients

Over the course of the 2023-24 fiscal year, the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) is providing periodic updates on the implementation of the directions outlined in our new strategic plan, Reset. Renew. Revitalize. This update is focused on the second strategic direction in the plan – amplifying the impact, benefits and value of the arts.

One of the goals in this area is demonstrating the broad impact of public arts funding. As OAC strives to increase the visibility of the impact of the arts in communities across Ontario, grant recipients play a key role in highlighting this impact to community leaders and elected officials.

In order to achieve this, OAC has updated the funding recognition policy for all grant recipients awarded funding from April 1, 2023, onwards. (Grant recipients awarded funding before this date may also consider following these guidelines, where possible.)

Key updates to this policy include:

  • Enhanced requirements for recognizing OAC funding on social media.
  • Updated logo usage guidelines, including a new requirement to use both OAC and the Government of Ontario’s logos.
  • For organizations that receive operating funding and produce/participate in public events, highlighting OAC funding at a feature event.
  • For organizations that don’t produce/participate in public events, alternate recognition suggestions.

If you have any questions about meeting the recognition requirements for your grant, please contact your program officer. If you have questions about logo usage specifically, or if you encounter any technical issues using these files, please contact OAC and ask to speak with Communications: 416-961-1660 (toll-free 1-800-387-0058) or email

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