Distribution FAQ

Handy Answers to Questions About Our Distribution Program and How It Works

When do I get paid for each issue?

Magazines Canada sends cheques to publishers every two months. One payment is made for all issues that become payable in that two-month period. An issue becomes payable 120 days after the off-sale date. The off-sale date is when the next issue is released.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my payment?

For general questions about payments or credits, please call Retail Accounts Manager, Chris Chambers, at 416.994.6471 x233 or 1.877.238.8354. If the question relates to membership fees deducted from your payment or when a payment will arrive, please call Rabeet Sarfraz in Accounting at 416.994.6471 x240 or 1.877.238.8354.

Why are there deductions on my payment?

When costs are incurred by an error made on the publisher’s end, they will be deducted from your next payment. They may not necessarily coincide with the issue being paid. These charges may include: promotions, membership dues (past due), barcodes, labels (for improperly barcoded issues), stickering (labour to apply labels), re-shipping (for magazines shipped somewhere at your request) and any handling fees charged by our partner distributors.

Where do I ship my magazines?

Ship Magazines Canada Distribution copies to:

Magazines Canada Distribution
c/o Tilwood Inc.
420 Deerhurst Drive, Unit 4
Attn: Mary-Anne Noseworthy
Brampton, ON L6T 5H9

How many copies should I ship?

You should ship the same number as the last issue you sent us unless we tell you otherwise. If this is impossible, or you wish to discuss changing the quantity you send for distribution, please contact Chris Chambers to set up a meeting at cchambers@magazinescanada.ca.

How should I pack my magazines?

In boxes. All boxes should contain the same number of copies with the quantity marked clearly on all boxes. Please do not ship magazines in unboxed bundles.

Where are my magazines going?

To get a complete dealer list for your title, please email Chris Chambers at cchambers@magazinescanada.ca.

How do I get a sales report?

Simply call Retail Accounts Manager Chris Chambers at 416.994.6471 x233 or 1.877.238.8354, or email cchambers@magazinescanada.ca to find out how your title is doing. You can also access sales reports online; just log in to the member area using your user name and password.

What’s a UPC and how does it work?

A Universal Product Code (UPC) is the black and white series of bars and spaces on most products sold in retail outlets today. These codes allow for greater efficiency in inventory control and product tracking. All magazines distributed by Magazines Canada MUST display a UPC on their covers (preferably on the bottom, left-hand corner of the FRONT cover). Learn about a UPC here. If you wish to obtain a barcode, or have any questions, please contact Chris Chambers: cchambers@magazinescanada.ca or call 1.877.238.8354 x233 in advance of going to print.

What is invoicing?

When your magazine arrives at our warehouse it is added to our next invoice batch. Invoices are generated and sent to retailers at least twice a month.

How does Magazines Canada maximize my sales?

Magazines Canada Newsstand Marketing analyzes sales of your title and titles like it across our entire retail network to establish realistic product draws. We know which niche titles sell where and how best to take advantage of direct-to-retail distribution. You can help us understand your title better by keeping us informed of your production schedule and any special issues or promotions you are planning for the year.

If you’re new to our Distribution program and would like to know more about how Direct-to-Retail distribution works, please read Newsstand Distro 101 by Gavin Babstock.

Can I get my unsold copies back?

In most cases our warehouse keeps a very small inventory of back issues. Please contact Chris Chambers if there is a particular issue you are looking for. Quantities of back issues are small because retailers are only required to send back the front cover of unsold magazines for credit.