Barcode Guide

Remember if the price of an issue changes, the barcode must also change. Note that it is not possible to use the same UPC for issues that come out in the same calendar year.

Image of a barcode

Manufacturer’s Code  Bipad Check Digit   UPC
Identifies your primary distributor  your title authenticity of the barcode the issue, either by issue number, season or month
When to Change whenever there is a price change only if you leave your original distributor calculated by the barcode generator each issue in a calendar year
Conditions usually supplied by your distributor, who owns the actual number but generally lets a title use it for free this number stays with your title, but If you do stand-alone issues with a sales schedule that overlaps your regular title, they should have their own bipads you cannot use the same UPC twice in a calendar year, and the UPC you choose MUST match something printed on your cover (season, month, issue number)

If you need barcodes or advice on barcodes please email Chris Chambers, Manager, Retail Accounts at