Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are elected for two-year terms by members of the association at the Annual General Meeting. The volunteer board directors represent the varied size and nature of member magazines, as well as the country’s different geographical regions. We also strive to ensure that the Board represents the diversity of Canadian society.

Magazines Canada Board of Directors for 2021–2022:

Joe Glionna, Oral Health, Board Chair, Co-Treasurer
Ryan Benn, Alive
Anne Burke, The Prairie Journal
Kelly Hobson, Reader’s Digest
Karen Lowe, Dreamer2Creator Business Magazine
Samia Madwar, The Walrus
Pamela Mullinger, [EDIT] Magazine
Alysa Procida, Inuit Art Quarterly, Vice-Chair, Co-Treasurer
Delon Rashid, Jobber News
Francine Tremblay, OWL, Secretary