Ep 133: Philip Scrutton

Who’s buying magazines at retail, and what motivates their purchase? In this episode of AudioMag, Philip Scrutton explores new research from Magazines Canada and BrandSpark International that shows Canadian magazine readers see tremendous value in the printed page, and why there are still great opportunities for magazine publishers at retail.

Scrutton is the VP of shopper insights with BrandSpark International, where he directs research supporting shopper insights and marketing services. He leads several syndicated annual studies in Canada and the U.S., including the BrandSpark Shopper Study, E-Commerce Shopper Study and Marketers Survey on Trends and Media.

Scrutton will be speaking on Magazine Resilience: Who’s Buying at Retail? at MagNet 2018 on April 25 in Toronto, where he will share results from the Magazines Canada and Brandspark research study and explore household shoppers’ path-to-purchase, the role magazines play, and how retailers and magazine sellers can leverage these insights to improve their business. Register for MagNet 2018.

Music: TimeTrain by PC III