Ep 132: David Topping

With so many digital platforms and products for publishers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by options, data and deadlines, leading to burnout and stifled creativity.

In this episode of AudioMag, David Topping brings a much-needed reality check to the demands of publishing in the digital age, outlining how to set priorities and measure success for platforms. Topping is a five-time National Magazine Award winner, and the Senior Manager of Product at St. Joseph Media. He leads digital product development and management for all of the company’s editorial brands, which include Toronto Life and FASHIONas well as the clients of its custom content wing, Strategic Content Labs.

Topping will be speaking on How to Stop Wasting Your Time on Digital at MagNet 2018 on April 25 in Toronto, exploring real-world case studies that have helped teams at St. Joseph Media determine where effort is best spent, and where it doesn’t make much sense to devote time and energy. Register for MagNet 2018.

Music: TimeTrain by PC III