Ep 131: Stephen Kimber

For some magazine writers, the thought of making the leap to non-fiction books seems like a daunting task. But many writers have successfully navigated the different approach needed to get a project greenlit and onto bookshelves.

In this episode of AudioMag, Stephen Kimber discusses the process of making the transition from magazine writing to book publishing. Kimber is the author of nine books and a longtime magazine and newspaper journalist, as well as a professor at University of King’s College in their journalism and MFA in creative non-fiction programs.

He will also be speaking on this subject as part of a panel discussion at MagNet 2018 on April 25 in Toronto. Panellists for Making the Leap to Books include nonfiction authors—and magazine professionals—Stacey May Fowles, Lauren McKeon, David Hayes and Stephen Kimber, moderated by Kim Pittaway. Register for MagNet 2018.

Music: TimeTrain by PC III