About Magazines Canada

Magazines Canada is the national trade association representing Canadian-owned, Canadian-content consumer, cultural, specialty, professional and business media magazines. French and English member titles offer a wide range of topics including business, professional, news, politics, sports, arts and culture, leisure, lifestyle, women and youth, made available on multiple platforms. The association focuses on government affairs, services to the advertising trade, circulation marketing and the development of career skills for and the recognition of excellence among the people who work in Canada’s magazine media.

The Magazines Canada offices are located at:

555 Richmond Street West, Suite 604, Mailbox 201
Toronto, ON  M5V 3B1
Phone: 416.504.0274 (local), 1.877.238.8354 (toll-free)
Fax: 416.504.0437


Magazines Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association, or CMPA) was founded in October 1973 by a group of small magazine publishers. Since then it has grown into the country’s most powerful industry association, working closely with all levels of government to ensure the interests of Canada’s magazines are supported and protected. In 2003, CMPA merged with Magazines Canada to expand member services and bring advertising and research under its umbrella. The name Magazines Canada was adopted in 2005.

Magazines Canada is an equal opportunity association that strives to be ethical in all its endeavours. It treats all people with dignity and respect. Member services are designed to create an environment of growth for the Canadian magazine industry.